Make an impression – Personalise your Serafina Clutch Bag

We love personalised items and we think it adds an extra special touch. We are delighted to be able to offer you complimentary personalisation on your Serafina Clutch. 

We personalise using high-quality gold foil, which perfectly matches our signature Salthouse England logo. Your chosen letters are embossed centrally below the Salthouse England logo.


The Process

Once we have your chosen product, we carefully place it in our specially made jig to ensure it is perfectly positioned in the embossing machine.  Your chosen letters are inserted into the machine, which is heated to approximately 100 degrees celsius and high-quality gold foil is then placed in position.  A combination of heat and pressure are used to brand your chosen letters onto your bag.  

As we personalise by hand, there might be slight variations in finish. We think that adds to the charm – each clutch is just as unique as you.

Our chosen font is Times New Roman and our letter has been machine-tooled for accuracy.  All letters are in upper case, approximately 9mm in height.  You can choose up to four initials or a four-letter word. 

All letters will be evenly spaced and are the same size. However, some letters may appear to look slightly different in size due to their shape containing angles and curves.